Wartman Boxing Commercial :60 – The Backstory & Vision (Part 1 of 3)

Writer/Director: Benjamin Wilt (benwilt.com)
Director of Photography/Colorsit: Nicholas Matthews
RED Epic & Cooke S4s with ¼ BlackPromist
Graded in DaVinci Resolve & Cinegrain added

(to view an inside look at the Director’s vision for this project visit http://www.benwilt.com/#!wartman-brothers-boxing-/cwzs)


This was one of those exciting pop-up projects that came together one week prior to shooting and was shot on the heels of a much larger week long production. It didn’t have a lot of money; we had a small crew; and we had one day to capture all essential material, and most of our talent would only be around in 1 & 2 hour blocks.

So why did I say yes to an ambitious project that I knew would require working late into the night pre-rigging after a full day shoot on another project, as well as a grueling 14 hour next day.

I believe that great cinematography is great storytelling, not just fancy gear, cool shots, and awesome lighting. And after meeting Charlie Wartman, I felt he was an awesome subject, I believed in frequent collaborator & fantastic director, Benjamin Wilt’s vision. (Admittedly, I’ve been fascinated with boxing since I was a kid.)




We set out to create something that would stand apart from boxing gym commercials both visually and as a storyline.

It wasn’t about the gym, it wasn’t about the individual boxers; and it wasn’t about the bashing & pummeling we associate with the sport. It was about Charlie & his view of boxing.

Visually we wanted elegance, something slick & beautiful, but with character—more like a stylistic documentary than a grungy commercial. It wasn’t going to be a rapid fire montage set to hip hop, instead we were capturing snapshots of the boxer’s form.



Nicholas Matthews is a director of photography who specializes in story-driven commercials, narrative films, and music videos. To see more of his work visit http://www.nicholasmatthewsfilm.com.


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