Cafe Con Leche – Feature Film

I’m hoping to roll out a number of short behind the scenes posts that detail how and why we lit this film in this manner. But for now, I’ll just say that this film was equal parts exciting and challenging to shoot.  This was my first international feature film as a cinematographer, and I can’t wait to shoot internationally again.  We shot all over Mexico City’s beautiful and vast urban world.  The crew I ended up with were fantastic collaborators and we worked through the language barrier without too much difficulty. We had a stellar cast that included Gerardo Taracena, José Sefami, Nina Seničar, Martin Santander.  Our director Ray Gallardo was a tireless leader, collaborator, and friend through the process.  We were constantly referencing Michael Mann as we tried to create a grounded, taut, crime drama with character-driven action sequences. The film is wrapping up post production, but for now enjoy this sizzle reel I cut from the movie.

Director: Ray Gallardo
Cinematographer: Nicholas Matthews
Production Designer: Yikai Wang
Feature Film shot in Mexico City on the Alexa with Zeiss Ultra Primes.